D1.1 Set of KPIs, assessment of emerging technologies and modal share analysis. 

D1.2 Data collection

D2.1 Specifications for the implementation of blockchain technologies and smart contracts in intermodal transport

D2.2 Analysis of the current legal and contractual framework and upgrade recommendations

D3.1 ESEP4Freight reference architecture

D3.2 ESEP4Freight web-based platform

D4.1 Business cases analysis for intermodal transport solutions

D5.1 Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation (C&D&E) strategies and plans

D5.2 Toolbox for the management of the Stakeholders’ Group and summary of activities

D5.3 Impact assessment, scalability assessment and user handbook

D5.4 Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation (C&D&E) reports

D6.1 Project management and quality assurance plan

D6.2 Data Management Plan

D6.3 Data Management Plan – Results